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Printed circuit boards delivered as units, shape milled, clipped together by blister packages film with desiccant bag (Fig.PSI1.1). 
Minimal size selectable (Fig. PSI1.2) : X=5 mm - Y=5 mm 
Maximal size selectable (Fig. PSI1.3) : X=750 mm - Y=500 mm
Dimensions tolerance : +/- 0.15 mm.
Call us for other formats (outside standard mini/maxi). 
Most PCBs are rectangular. However, we accept all exterior and interior cutouts (Fig.PSI1.1) if they are provided with the shape gerber layer. 
PCB with a complex external shape must also meet the criteria of maxi and mini size (Fig PSI1.4). 
The outline of the printed circuit board is made using a milling machine according to gerber file provided.. 
Important : Milling according freeform only accepted for PCB
thickness> 0,4 mm  (FR4).
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